Moving from audix voicemail to asterisk


I am still fairly new to the Asterisk world so I hope that someone can help me.

I am trying to move my corporate voicemail from my older Audix system to asterisk. Has anyone done this successfully? I have succeeded in creating a test vm box and all seems to work well. I have not found how to activate the message lamp on the phone though when there is a message waiting (my test phone is an Avaya 6408d+).

Thank you all in advance for your help
Franco Clarizio


To light the light you need to do some clever counting, Checking the number of messages in a mailbox before you start and then the number when you have finished then calling a script to make a call to light the light on the PBX, there will be a on and off code an the PBX.

Other problems are calls not hanging up.


Thank you for the reply.

I will try your suggestion.