Can Asterisk be used just a voice mail box?


Can Asterisk be used just as a voice mail box? My current Voice mail box is failing, its old old old. My current voice mail box is a startalk. I have a norstar PBX and meridian phones. can i use asterisk with my existing PBX and phones?

Sure you can, but you may run into trouble when it comes to MWI lights. The short way to do it is setup some kind of trunk to your pbx, then configure asterisk with voicemail.conf (setup mailboxes) and extensions.conf with something like

exten => _X.,1,Voicemail(${EXTEN})

You then need to make your PBX send calls to the asteirsk trunk instead of your current voice mail. As I said befoer though, the problem will be MWI. Perhaps you can setup an extension on the PBX that will turn MWI on or off for phones and then dial it with an AGI on asterisk?

MWI? is configurable with software or would i need more hardware than just a asterisk box?

it really depends on the pbx. MWI is the light on the phone that comes on when you get voice mail. it also makes the dialtone stutter (doo doo doo dooooooooo) if you pick up pthe phone and a message is waiting. This is controlled by whatever pbx the phone is plugged into, you need to get * to tell the pbx that the user has mail, and the pbx needs to listen.

how can i find out if my pbx can talk to *? i have a few manuals for my pbx. one is titled: “norstar Compact DR5 (with disconnect supervision) install guide” does that help you to know if its compatable? When we have new voice mail messages it shows up on the LCD on the phone. by having a lcd, does it make the combatiablity harder?

try the website of the pbx’s manufacturer. also google for generic information about integrating a 3rd party voicemail system. This may be difficult or impossible depending on how your system works. Also try the Wiki (, there’s a nice page on asterisk pbx integration. Sadly, i don’t know anything about your PBX so general ideas is the best i can do :\