Voice Message Indicator - Email Delivery

I am considering switching to Asterisk but I have one question on functionality that is required.

Our current voice mail system delivers voice messages to users by way of email and nearly everyone prefers this method. I understand that Asterisk can do the same but my concern is the voice message indicator on the phones - can Asterisk turn this on and off accordingly (even if users are listening to their messages over email)?

If so, consider me sold.


If you mean can it turn the light off when they have read the email and listened to the attachment Then NO (IMAP storage may be different) . You can set it to ONLY deliver via email and then no message lite is lit, What ssystem do you have at present that has this feature ?


We are using ObjectWorld, which uses an agent that runs on Exchange to turn off the VMI after the voice mail has been opened over email.

How hard would it be to deliver the voice messages to email using a URL and then turn off the light after the URL has been accessed? We are currently paying a fortune for the current system and could definitely put a bounty in front of a developer to do this. Since asterisk could keep track of access to the URL, then it could also turn off the VMI, no?

As a side note, anyone considering ObjectWorld with Exchange should run like hell. There’s a bug in some circumstances that floods the email stores with gigabytes of metadata every few minutes. It will crash your email in no time and leave you without any free time. I absolutely hate it. ObjectWorld knows about it but won’t publish a fix - you have to pay the only guy on the planet to fix it - after he gets done with whatever he wants to do first.