More details about Call Files


1- By this documentation

Could someone explain me what exactly the meaning of this file and what circonstance should I have to use it ?

2- How to configure the dialplan and then the users accept only calls in hours 08:00 to 21:00 ifelse playback (message)
The same, when the call is coming on bank holiday, playback (message) directly

Thanks you so much

  1. Please be specific about what you don’t understand. A forum like this is not the place to get rewrites of documentation most people who need it manage to understand.

  2. You should already have a copy of or something similar. See lines 207 onwards. Also see

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You don’t have to use it :slight_smile:

But here are some examples of why you might want to:

  1. Schedule a ‘wake up’ call using a script scheduled by crontab.

  2. Create a custom fail2ban ‘action’ that creates a call file to call you when your system is under attack.

  3. Run down a list of DIDs that you have an existing business relationship with, calling each and playing a sound file.

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