Anyone know a good wake up call script for Asterisk 13?

Most of my Googling is finding pretty dated scripts. Does anyone have a good one that will work on Asterisk 13?

Describe with details what you need and I can give idea how to do it, but I dont think there is such script and if so, you will need to customize it

Basically anything to setup asterisk to call me at a certain time and play a sound, like the monkey sound or something. Would be nice to be configurable to enable or disable it via phone.

I think the easiest approach is to create a simple old-fashioned call file, which is only a few lines of external code. A cron job that triggers an “originate” also looks right and one gets the entrie power of cron. For single calls the call file might be the easiest method, for complicated repeated calls I prefer cron.

The rest depends on what you really want and how you want to set up the wake up call. I think you always end up with some kind of script that either generates a call file, or a cron entry. These scripts can be called as part of a dial plan or via a web interface, or both.

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