Modules: occasionally come off

Occasionally come off modules of fax( “Fax show stats” shows the number of licenses 0, If I transfer a call to a fax number - I hear silence. After rebooting all the modules to work now! First noticed it - uptime server was 20 days, then the situation has repeated several times. I have 4 licenses - 1 free (digium) + 3 paid (digium). Has anyone encountered this problem? Thank you!

If you have paid for licences, you should be using the commercial support channels. This forum is for the open source software. There is a forum on this board for the free version of the fax software, but if you’ve paid you should be covered by commercial support.

I think there isn’t a problem in licences. I think that problem in asterisk. Thank you!

You need to reproduce the problem without the proprietary module.

Any problem with that module is off topic for this forum.