Modified confbridge to display Mute status in CLI

I didn’t see any other way to see this information so I decided to take a stab at exposing whether a participant is muted or not and found how the details were stored in the struct. So here is the changed code from v10.0.1. (This is the last version that works 100% with Google Talk currently). I wanted to display the correct button in a web interface if the participant was muted or not so it was obvious to the end user. So i exposed it by modifying the CLI output for the confbridge list command.

In apps/app_confbridge.c
Modifed handle_cli_confbridge_list to add display of whether a conference member is muted or not.

Effected code:
ast_cli(a->fd, “Channel User Profile Bridge Profile Menu Muted\n”);
ast_cli(a->fd, “============================= ================ ================ ================ =====\n”);
AST_LIST_TRAVERSE(&bridge->users_list, participant, list) {
ast_cli(a->fd, "%-29s ", participant->chan->name);
ast_cli(a->fd, “%-17s”, participant->;
ast_cli(a->fd, “%-17s”, participant->;
ast_cli(a->fd, "%-17s ", participant->menu_name);
ast_cli(a->fd, “%-6s”, (!participant->features.mute ? “No” : “Yes”));
ast_cli(a->fd, “\n”);

Output from CLI or command issued from PHPAsManager(PHPAGI)

Channel User Profile Bridge Profile Menu Muted
============================= ================ ================ ================ =====
SIP/dave1-00000000 default_user default_bridge sample_user_menu Yes

Thought i’d share this to any interested parties.

Publishing modiied code here will never get it into the official version and may poison future efforts to do so (as it may introduce doubts as to whether the contributor really wrote the code).

To add a new feature, you must go to, create an account and then agree to the electronic licence agreement (you are the licensor of the changes), and finally submit a unified diff, against the trunk SVN version, marking it as a code submission.

Yeah don’t think i’ve got the time to do all that… I just wanted to share this with others in case someone else needed the same functionality for their projects… If it doesn’t get put into the next version i can just add it back in myself when i upgrade.