MixMonitor problem

  • 1.4.18

If I use MixMonitor for recording calls I get strange files
slowed and stuttering
no matter wav or gsm format was used

example drd.chita.ru/test.wav

any ideas?

P.S. just found that problem affects only outbound calls from * to external numbers through ooh323 trunk
recording for internal sip calls and for inbound ooh323 calls works fine

I just wanted to say that I experience the same problem.
When the call is incoming from the outside (mISDN BRI in my case)
the MixMonitor records the external (mISDN) leg of the call
with some 10-15 seconds delay and/or the voice is very quite.

Well … today is not going to be my first day to downgrade asterisk
because of broken features :frowning:

Asterisk 1.4.17 is OK in this regards



I’m having the same problem as you are having, the call is made without problems but the recording is lousy and jittered. All the calls normally happens between IAX2 Sofphones and SIP trunks. But I think it’s not related to channels types.

I already transfered the recording to ramdrive, and done so with the sounds directory and moh files. But that didn’t took off the jitter of the recordings.

My current box config is the following:

  • CentOS 5.0
  • Asterisk 1.4.17
  • Zaptel 1.4.8
  • libpri (not installed)

Any help is appeciated! :smiley:


Try upgrading to 1.4.19-rc3. I did this today and it seems
like the problem is gone.
Do not try - it is still broken.

I hope this helps.

Good luck


I have trixbox runing on my system

And few days ago i’ve updated it with yum to

And now it seems like there is no such problem anymore
I’m not sure was update cause for it
But just tried to record several calls and got good clean .wav files

Hi All,

I also have this problem of MixMonitor() recording one leg of call faster than the other leg. It doesn’t align the recording, so one can hear smooth recorded conversation of both called and calling party. What it does presently (asterisk-1.4.19) is record both legs of the call on the same file but with different playback of voice conversation on the same file (tested in a call centre with over 50 agents). It was working perfectly with older version of asterisk (e.g to 1.4.17).

Even with Asterisk-1.4.19, Chanspy() breaks while spying with eyebeam softphone (tested), but seems OK with IP Phone (Hard phones, e.g I tested with Grandstream budgetone 100, GXP-2000, GXP-2020). The jitter seems taken care of with IP Phone (their firmware helps).

But, I can’t get app_voicemail.so installed with asterisk-1.4.19 (I may be wrong). Can someone please confirm this. I have the same application installed with 1.4.18. I hope it’s not left out in 1.4.19 by mistake.

Cheers to all.


I am also experiencing problems with B410P BRI card and recording calls.

The same dialplan works with E1 cards (TE220) so am guessing its either a misdn.conf issue or bug in the code.

The audio is playing too fast and also very jittery with a lot of interference. However the actual audio when making calls sound fine on the phone.

The server is running the latest version of Asterisk 1.4.21, Zaptel 1.4.11 and LibPRI 1.4.4.

Once I can get remote access again to the server I will try rolling back to 1.4.19 as people above seem to have had some success with that.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?



I can confirm that rolling back to Asterisk has fixed the recording issue.

I will do some further testing and post a bug report.

Hi guys,

Well what can I say … there it goooooes again.
I can confirm that the MixMonitor in 1.21 records complete
gibberish (like in fast forward) when
the call goes through an ISDN card (Digium).
If I route it via an analog or GSM card it is OK.
Unfortunately this happens again after I have already
reported it once and after the problem had already
been fixed.

Too bad for the QA team
Hope this gets fixed once again.

Best regards,
Rumen Telbizov

Hi guys,

I also had this issue with 1.4.18 as mentioned above, but its disappeared with 1.4.20. Now, what I have as issue is the ChanSpy() application. It randomly spy’s other agents after the initial spied on agent’s call finished. It then, return back to the initial spied on agent at the middle of another call to the agent.

I got these from both Grandstream GXP-2020 and eyebeam soft phone. I have the application called as follows;

exten => 11,1,NoOp(My_Agent : ${AGENT_CODE})
exten => 11,n,ChanSpy(${AGENT_CODE}|q)

This making the QA Team go crazy since they can’t monitor the begining of each agents call.

Hope this get fixed soonest.

Cheers to All.

Just to followup my rolling back to wasn’t the cure I had hoped for as Asterisk now crashes randomly after a couple of calls.

I am in email conversation with Digium Support so will keep the forum thread updated with any good news.

I couldnt find your original bug so I have created another one.


Hello, same problem here running asterisk 1.4.21 and a bri card with misdn.

Going to back to 1.4.17 fixes the problem