Mixmonitor Format


is there a solution to reduce the size of a recoded conversation?
i believe wav format is too big if you,re going to recod all day for 30 channel. and in one week time youre 40 GB will be full

You can call a script/agi at hangup to convert the generated wav to mp3 … which saves lot of disk space.

do i need soxmix to convert from wav to mp3 format?
what else i need to use?

many thanks


any idea for today?

haven’t you been around long enough now to have seen the wiki ?

voip-info.org/wiki/view/Conv … n+Asterisk


or just search for “convert mp3”

i use lame to convert to mp3.

Sir i apologize for being curios and unresoureceful

i just think i could fetch fresher answer than wiki

in anyway thank you very much for immediate reply.
honestly, i really love this forum