Mitel PBX & Spark Clients

Is there a way to integrate Asterisk into Wildfire so that I can see when my users are on their phones?

We have Mitel 3300 PBX’s with Mitel 5220 series phones.

I dont want to use Asterisk as the PBX, I just want to use its status features, if this is possible

Have you looked on the Wildfire website?:

the readme is very vague. that’s why I posted here. I am looking for specifics

It will work if you route the calls through Asterisk. So, for example, you could have the Mitel switch register several extensions (say as trunks) on the Asterisk (this depends on how the Mitel may support SIP of course) and then allow Asterisk to send the calls. Or, you may have Asterisk register to the Mitel and have the Mitel 5220s hanging off of Asterisk (once again dependent on how the 5220 handles SIP).

Then, the Asterisk-IM works just fine with Wildfire.