Mitel 5224/SIP Message-Waiting Indicator light

Is this known to work? I have confirmed MWI working on other model phones - this one just doesn’t appear to work. Any help with regard to this phone in SIP mode would be helpful.


  • Jesse

I should clarify to say that by other phone models, I mean other manufucaturer phones (ie, Snom, Polycom).


Not tried the 5224 but I would guess its similar to the 5215 sip code.

Which from memory you have to define the message key, For example server is at and to access voicemail the key is defined as 123@ from memory.

But the light does work and by pressing the key its calls the vmail


Interesting, I definitely have this set (the voicemail button), and the voicemail does get called when I push the button, however the MWI light does not blink when new messages await.

I’ve resolved this issue. It appears that somewhere between the firmware I was running and the latest firmware Mitel introduced multiple registrations “User List Configurations” in Mitel speak. It is here that the phone must have its “Voice Mail Server” configured - not in the global phone-message button area that I was configuring before and expecting to work.


  • Jesse