Missed Calls By Agents

Hello guys,

I hope that anyone can help me. A have a Call Center working on Asterisk. Everything is working great. All agents are dynamic (AddQueueMember, RemoveQueueMember…). There is no timeout in Queue. Is there any way to determine number of missed calls by agents. For Example:

  • User enter the Queue
  • There are available agents, ring first available agent
  • Agent is ringing
  • Agent is not answering
  • User is doesn’t want to hold, and hang up

After that it should be nice to log into queue_log or MySQL which Agent missed a call and how long was hold time for user. Maybe you can add option for queues.conf, something like (logagentmissedcall). Now, you only have that call is abandoned and hold time.

I am sorry for my bad English.

Thanks in Advance. :smiley:

Look at the RINGNOANSWER event in your queue_log.

I know about RINGNOANSWER. RINGNOANSWER is solution if you have ringing time out in your queue.conf Clients that have that call center doesn’t want ringing timeout on agents (stupid or sad but true). I will try to convince them to set-up ringing timeout and to tell them that is the only way for Missed Call by Agents statistics.

Thank you for reply.