Minor problem with call transferring

My next task with this PBX is to get call transferring working, i.e. someone calls me and I want to transfer the call to one of my partners.

I added “t” to the dial rule that dials my phone in response to an incoming call.

I receive a call, and I hit the pound key (#) to transfer it. A female voice comes on and says “Transfer” and then I get a dial tone. I dial the extension to which I wish to transfer the call, then I get a “fast busy” and the caller gets a ringing tone, followed (hopefully) by my partner answering his phone. If my partner doesn’t answer, the caller gets his voicemail.

So far, so good. But, here is my minor problem. The first half of the female voice prompt that says “Transfer” often gets cut off, so all I get is “fer”.

This kind of thing happens a lot, and I get around it by putting a Wait,1 rule in there before the announcement, to wait a second. But, I don’t see anyplace where I can put in that Wait,1 rule in response to hitting the pound key to transfer the call.

Any suggestions?