Minimum hardwares and softwares required for asterisk


I am a fresher to asterisk. I got asterisk installed in my system. I am going through the book Asterisk the future of internet telephony and doin the instructions step by step. I needed to know the minimum hardware requirement to configure a call i have 3 systems which run on fedora core 6 running on Kernal 2.6. Could any please let me know how to configure a soft phone through which i can place call. i am right now exploring IP only configuration. All the 3 systems are connected in an intranet. How could i place calls between 2 of these systems?

Please help.

I have got lipz4 softphone installed on my system could any one help me out with that too??

you have the book, and internet access (and therefore access to and the search facility on this forum) … what more do you need ?

once you have had a go at configuring the dialplan and trunk configuration you’re after, by all means come back and post for help on issues you’re having. just don’t expect to be spoonfed with help. … hone+LIPZ4