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I’m new on asterisk and I’ve installed it, I’ve followed the instructions of the document that is in the asterisk’s page, this document says that i dont need any special hardware, but I cant still make calls, everything is configured as document says, is there some documentation more specific about how to make to run asterisk correctly?, please I need your help.

In advance, thanks

First, welcome!

Second, go to and download the book Asterisk: The Future of Telephony. It’s a free legal download. Also consider buying the dead-tree version to support the authors or if you like hard copy.

Third, check the above link, it is a Wiki database with a HUGE amount of info.

Now, Asterisk can connect to many types of phones, lines and systems. Some need hardware, some don’t.
If you want to plug it into a phone line, you will need a FXO interface board.
If you want to use it with a normal analog phone, you will need an FXS interface board or an ATA (Analog Telephony Adapter; has ethernet on one side and phone plug on the other).
If you want to use it with a VoIP phone, you will need a VoIP phone.

If you want to use it with a Softphone (software that runs on a computer and lets you talk on VoIP using a headset), you just need the computer + software.

If you want to use it with VoIP service to make and recieve calls, you just need an account with a VoIP service. Many services give this away for free to let you call other users. Examples- . They let you call other VoIP users free but you have to pay to call normal phone numbers.

Hope that all helps. A suggestion- when asking a question here, be very specific. The more info you provide with the question, the more you will get in your answer. If you explain exactly what you want Asterisk to do for you, you will get a much more helpful answer for how to do it.

Thanks for your comments, as I said, i installed asterisk and when I run it, everything is fine, but when I try to configure the other things, doesnt work, send me error messages like “error inserting…” I’ve followed the instructions of the online book “the future of telephony”, but I still cant make calls, I must be able to make calls, between 2 phones in the office, but I cant, what I need, the document says that I just need install asterisk and thats all, I need your help, expert people, because all tutorial that i’ve found use special cards, I really need a digium card to make calls? or just with my Pc and asterisk’s packages are all I need?

first, you never ‘just install asterisk’. Asterisk is like a tub of Legos, by itself it doesn’t do much but you can build cool stuff with it.

Also- when posting the error message, post the entire message along with some stuff before and after it. It helps us figure out what went wrong.

To make calls between IP phones you do not need Digium hardware or interface cards. Many tutorials include them, but you can skip that section. You may need one to connect to your phone line, if you want * to connect to your phone line.

To get the very simplest thing (two sip phones that call each other) you must do the following:

sip.conf- define each phone. Use the templates that are in the file, just uncomment them (remove ;'s). use the context= of each of those to put them in a context.

extensions.conf- set up that context (defined earlier). for each phone put a line like
exten => 1234,1,Dial(SIP/phone1) (the phone1 is what is in the []'s in sip.conf)