Method for checking status of SIP user

I have been struggling with this for a bit. Any advise would be appreciated. I have 20+ cisco/linksys SPA-942. I need to determine the current status of each phone and SIP users that is attached to each phone.

I have tried ChanisAvail - this does not report whether the phone is in DND or not. I have looked into SIPPEER, but this solution seems to have similar issues. What I need is a reliable method of determining - on call, dialing, DND, or Avail status (meaning not on an active call) of each of my 942s.

Thanks in advance,


I dont remember off hand but there is a way of doing a search in astdb to check if the phone is set to dnd or not. Have al look around the wiki. (

I’ll look into the astDB possibility. The DND issue is only a small part of my problem. When a SIP user is connected to a Zap channel my macro to check availability has failed to report this user as busy and the current call will be barged in on placing the Zap channel call on hold.