D60 Phones auto-DND

Recently switched from chan_sip to chan_pjsip and ever since I’ve had a few extensions which seem to be turning on DND on their own. The screen doesn’t show the DND status when it does this, but tapping the status button once ( normally to toggle DND status ) won’t trigger a display change, but the phone will then ring through as normal.

It’s almost as if there is an idle timeout? Not sure what I’m seeing, nor do I understand why this would be a “thing” with the technology swap ( sip to pjsip ).

Anyone run into this? I’m going to troll through the log files and maybe do a SIP trace to see if I can catch the mechanism.

Some more data:

phone.log shows this:

2020-06-19T05:13:28-07:00 phone: # Presence: presence.sip:<ext>@<server>.online.Ready.ACTIVE
2020-06-19T05:13:28-07:00 phone: Indicator cb
2020-06-19T05:13:28-07:00 phone: Line 0 update
2020-06-19T05:13:28-07:00 phone: _call_screen, updated_call status: -1, handle: (null)
2020-06-19T05:13:28-07:00 phone: rebuild_call_list, updated_call status: -1, handle: (null)
2020-06-19T05:13:28-07:00 phone: dbus_hide_idle_apps()
2020-06-19T05:13:28-07:00 phone: _set_top_label()
2020-06-19T05:13:28-07:00 phone: _softkeys()
2020-06-19T05:13:28-07:00 phone: DND
2020-06-19T05:13:28-07:00 phone: *** State phone.idle, process event: idle_hidden
2020-06-19T05:13:28-07:00 phone: VIEW EVENT: idle_hidden
2020-06-19T05:13:28-07:00 phone: HomeScreen::process_event: idle_hidden
2020-06-19T05:13:28-07:00 phone: REMAP EVENT idle_hidden
2020-06-19T05:13:28-07:00 phone: ==== State phone.idle, process event idle_hidden: no matching transition
2020-06-19T05:13:28-07:00 phone: @@@ new state: phone.idle

xyz.log has no corresponding key presses, so to me it looks like the server is sending some presence that the phone is interpreting as “Turn on DND”.

On the phones where this is an issue, the logs show DND is set every 9m54s ( approximately ).

This may not be pjsip related; I had forgotten that when I implemented pjsip I also added ‘hints’. I did this mainly to keep the warning messages off the console.

On a hunch I commented those hints out of extensions.conf, and the problem appears to have been resolved…exception now I have a bunch of warnings about state subscriptions.

Would like to know what caused this though, so I’ll continue digging.

Haven’t had the issue since I disabled the ‘hint’ extensions, but the console was full of subscription requests from the phones for extension states. Reenabled the hints, the DND problem comes back.

Not sure what I’m seeing; it’s almost like the phone is getting a NOTIFY and taking that as an instruction to turn on DND. Again; when this happens, the phone is set to DND state ( verified per phone.log and via the asterisk console showing the phone as “busy” ), but the display doesn’t indicate the change.

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