Get extensions state

in sip.conf, I enable callcounter=yes
How should I get the status of the device of operator if he put it into DND,
In the cli with core show hints as result I get only Idle, Inuse and ringing
I did not get those result

AST_DEVICE_UNKNOWN,      /*!< Device is valid but channel didn't know state */
	AST_DEVICE_NOT_INUSE,    /*!< Device is not used */
	AST_DEVICE_INUSE,        /*!< Device is in use */
	AST_DEVICE_BUSY,         /*!< Device is busy */
	AST_DEVICE_INVALID,      /*!< Device is invalid */
	AST_DEVICE_UNAVAILABLE,  /*!< Device is unavailable */
	AST_DEVICE_RINGING,      /*!< Device is ringing */
	AST_DEVICE_RINGINUSE,    /*!< Device is ringing *and* in use */

Thanks you so much

What do you mean by "putting it into “do not disturb”’. In particular, how is that reflect ed in information conveyed by the device to the PABX, and, of course, which signalling protocol is involved.

Unless it is actually Asterisk that is being told to put the phone into do not disturb, and the phone is still actually able to take calls, you are not going to be able to find out this information. However, there is nothing built in to Asterisk that will do this, so it will have to be implemented in dialplan, so we would need to know how your specific dialplan implements do not disturb.

And How should I do to know that this operator put his status into DND?

I don’t think you will be able to detect it until a call actually fails.

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