MeetMe Timing and a Digium Card

Hi - I wanted some advice from people on whether a digium card for timing will provide better conference call quality compared to ztdummy on Asterisk 1.2.4.

My conference calls number comes in via IAX2 from the PSTN.

I do get some time delay in calls and echo when people are talking from speaker phones. It’s quite noticable, and leads to very stilted conversations where people talk over each other.

Is this just a feature of VOIP or Asterisk or will a Digium card cure the problem?

The hosted box is 3.0 Xeon with plenty of memory.

Any advice much appreciated.

Cheers -Jon

if you use linux with kernel 2.6.xx and compile zaptel as make linux26
qulity is equal.
in kernel 2.4. may be not so good


I’m on Kernel 2.6.9.

Can you point me in the direction of some instructions on how I do that compiling or checking if it is already compiled with linux26?

I’m still learning Linux…

Cheers - Jon

download zaptel 1.2.3

tar -xzf zaptel*
cd zaptel*
make linux26
make install


download asterisk 1.2.4

tar -xzf asterisk*
cd asterisk*
make install
make samples

edit config files
run asterisk

alll must be ok. some problem?