Conference Bridge

Anyone use * for Conference bridging. I am looking to replace Sprint we sometimes have calls over 100 connections

Yes I use Asterisk’s MeetMe application for conferencing. The results are generally very good. A couple of gotchas:

Definitely make sure you have a Digium hardware card for a timing source (even a single-port analogue FXO card will do). I’ve tried the alternatives including ztdummy, and the result is lots of echo and delay. With the Digium card, the call quality is perfect.

I have calls with participants coming in from SIP, IAX and Zap channels and although I don’t have conferences with 100 participants (yet!) the results are generally pretty good.

I am looking to conference five people. Is the ztdummy solution still going to pose problems for me?

I’m using Asterisk @ Home. They have Meetme already installed and workable. I’m not using any hardware besides a computer and ethernet connection to the internet. So I’m guessing its using ztdummy, I don’t know.

I call in with my landline then I call in with my cell phone, while hearing the landline phone from the cell phone you will hear noise in the background, when hearing the cell phone from the landline phone it sounds perfect.

Any resolutions for this?