Meetme plays wrong language announcements

This issue was previously reported by mantis bug

Essentially the problem is that when a user calls into a meetme conference using a different language from the existing conference participants, the existing participants hear the “has joined” message in the language of the joiner, rather than their own language.

The original bug was reported against Asterisk 1.4 and I am now running Asterisk

Is this still regarded as too tough to fix ?

It’s got a won’t fix status, so no-one will be pursuing it. I guess you are welcome to submit a patch.

The basic problem is likely to be that the thread that initiates the announcement is the one running for the joiner, and so the voice announcement routines will use the joiner’s language.

The other problem, I would guess, is that the announcement is injected into the conference bridge, rather than played to each participant, so it must be the same for everyone.