Confbridge feaature requests

I opened a bug report to report confbridge was mixing different announcement languages but it was closed as normal operation.
In short I set announcement language in channel and expected confbridge to inherit the setting but it defaults back to EN and there is no option to set a language in confbridge other than remapping all the announcements in confbridge.conf
Current experience: Users get local language when in the dialplan but after they are the conference all joiner and leaver announcements are in EN

Add a language setting which can be set from the dial plan

Is it tool late to get this feature into Asterisk 12?

The best place for feature requests is probably the developer mailing list.

12 has already been branched. It won’t happen for 12, and unless you or someone else writes a patch for it, it won’t happen in 13.

Shame. I reported it as a bug in V10

Subscribed to the dev list. Will post my request