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Hi All,

I have Asterisk installed and using PBX Manager Multi-Tenant to control Asterisk. We have now around 40 tenants so I guess re-installing Asterisk is not an option. I just need MeetMe installed. I just realised that the application MeetMe is not installed. Below are the list of apps intalled in my Asterisk Ver I don’t have MeetMe and just needed to know how to compile it in Asterisk. There are scripts created in PBX manager to configure meetme easily but without the app, it will obviously not work.

Thanks all in advance.

-= Registered Asterisk Applications =-
AbsoluteTimeout: Set absolute maximum time of call
AddQueueMember: Dynamically adds queue members
ADSIProg: Load Asterisk ADSI Scripts into phone
AgentCallbackLogin: Call agent callback login
AgentLogin: Call agent login
AgentMonitorOutgoing: Record agent’s outgoing call
AGI: Executes an AGI compliant application
AlarmReceiver: Provide support for receving alarm reports from a burglar or fire alarm panel
Answer: Answer a channel if ringing
AppendCDRUserField: Append to the CDR user field
Authenticate: Authenticate a user
BackGround: Play a file while awaiting extension
BackgroundDetect: Background a file with talk detect
Busy: Indicate the Busy condition
ChangeMonitor: Change monitoring filename of a channel
ChanIsAvail: Check channel availability
ChanSpy: Listen to the audio of an active channel

        CheckGroup: Check the channel count of a group against a limit
        Congestion: Indicate the Congestion condition
   ControlPlayback: Play a file with fast forward and rewind
              Curl: Load an external URL
               Cut: Splits a variable's contents using the specified delimiter
          DateTime: Says a specified time in a custom format
             DBdel: Delete a key from the database
         DBdeltree: Delete a family or keytree from the database
             DBget: Retrieve a value from the database
             DBput: Store a value in the database
           DeadAGI: Executes AGI on a hungup channel
              Dial: Place a call and connect to the current channel
           Dictate: Virtual Dictation Machine
      DigitTimeout: Set maximum timeout between digits
         Directory: Provide directory of voicemail extensions
              DISA: DISA (Direct Inward System Access)
          DumpChan: Dump Info About The Calling Channel
       DUNDiLookup: Look up a number with DUNDi
              EAGI: Executes an EAGI compliant application
              Echo: Echo audio read back to the user
          EndWhile: End A While Loop
        EnumLookup: Lookup number in ENUM
              Eval: Evaluates a string
              Exec: Executes internal application
            ExecIf: Conditional exec
        ExecIfTime: Conditional application execution based on the current time
       ExternalIVR: Interfaces with an external IVR application
          Festival: Say text to the user
           ForkCDR: Forks the Call Data Record
          GetCPEID: Get ADSI CPE ID
     GetGroupCount: Get the channel count of a group
GetGroupMatchCount: Get the channel count of all groups that match a pattern
             Gosub: Jump to label, saving return address
           GosubIf: Jump to label, saving return address
              Goto: Jump to a particular priority, extension, or context
            GotoIf: Conditional goto
        GotoIfTime: Conditional Goto based on the current time
            Hangup: Hang up the calling channel
   HasNewVoicemail: Conditionally branches to priority + 101 with the right options set
      HasVoicemail: Conditionally branches to priority + 101 with the right options set
     IAX2Provision: Provision a calling IAXy with a given template
              ICES: Encode and stream using 'ices'
         ImportVar: Import a variable from a channel into a new variable
   LookupBlacklist: Look up Caller*ID name/number from blacklist database
     LookupCIDName: Look up CallerID Name from local database
             Macro: Macro Implementation
         MacroExit: Exit From Macro
           MacroIf: Conditional Macro Implementation
     MailboxExists: Check to see if Voicemail mailbox exists
              Math: Performs Mathematical Functions
               MD5: Calculate MD5 checksum
          MD5Check: Check MD5 checksum
         Milliwatt: Generate a Constant 1000Hz tone at 0dbm (mu-law)
        MixMonitor: Record a call and mix the audio during the recording
           Monitor: Monitor a channel
         MP3Player: Play an MP3 file or stream
       MusicOnHold: Play Music On Hold indefinitely
            NBScat: Play an NBS local stream
             NoCDR: Tell Asterisk to not maintain a CDR for the current call
              NoOp: Do Nothing
              Park: Park yourself
   ParkAndAnnounce: Park and Announce
        ParkedCall: Answer a parked call
  PauseQueueMember: Pauses a queue member
            Pickup: Directed Call Pickup
          Playback: Play a file
         PlayTones: Play a tone list
    PrivacyManager: Require phone number to be entered, if no CallerID sent
          Progress: Indicate progress
             Queue: Queue a call for a call queue
            Random: Conditionally branches, based upon a probability
              Read: Read a variable
          ReadFile: ReadFile(varname=file,length)
          RealTime: Realtime Data Lookup
    RealTimeUpdate: Realtime Data Rewrite
            Record: Record to a file
 RemoveQueueMember: Dynamically removes queue members
          ResetCDR: Resets the Call Data Record
   ResponseTimeout: Set maximum timeout awaiting response
         RetryDial: Place a call, retrying on failure allowing optional exit extension.
            Return: Return from gosub routine
           Ringing: Indicate ringing tone
          SayAlpha: Say Alpha
         SayDigits: Say Digits
         SayNumber: Say Number
       SayPhonetic: Say Phonetic
       SayUnixTime: Says a specified time in a custom format
          SendDTMF: Sends arbitrary DTMF digits
         SendImage: Send an image file
          SendText: Send a Text Message
           SendURL: Send a URL
               Set: Set channel variable(s) or function value(s)
        SetAccount: Set the CDR Account Code
       SetAMAFlags: Set the AMA Flags
       SetCallerID: Set CallerID
     SetCallerPres: Set CallerID Presentation
   SetCDRUserField: Set the CDR user field
        SetCIDName: Set CallerID Name
         SetCIDNum: Set CallerID Number
      SetGlobalVar: Set a global variable to a given value
          SetGroup: Set the channel's group
       SetLanguage: Set the channel's preferred language
    SetMusicOnHold: Set default Music On Hold class
          SetRDNIS: Set RDNIS Number

SetTransferCapability: Set ISDN Transfer Capability
SetVar: Set channel variable(s)
SIPAddHeader: Add a SIP header to the outbound call
SIPDtmfMode: Change the dtmfmode for a SIP call
SIPGetHeader: Get a SIP header from an incoming call
SMS: Communicates with SMS service centres and SMS capable analogue phones
SoftHangup: Soft Hangup Application
Sort: Sorts a list of keywords and values
StackPop: Remove one address from gosub stack
StartMusicOnHold: Play Music On Hold
StopMonitor: Stop monitoring a channel
StopMusicOnHold: Stop Playing Music On Hold
StopPlayTones: Stop playing a tone list
System: Execute a system command
TestClient: Execute Interface Test Client
TestServer: Execute Interface Test Server
Transfer: Transfer caller to remote extension
TrySystem: Try executing a system command
TXTCIDName: Lookup caller name from TXT record
UnpauseQueueMember: Unpauses a queue member
UserEvent: Send an arbitrary event to the manager interface
Verbose: Send arbitrary text to verbose output
VMAuthenticate: Authenticate with Voicemail passwords
VoiceMail: Leave a Voicemail message
VoiceMailMain: Check Voicemail messages
Wait: Waits for some time
WaitExten: Waits for an extension to be entered
WaitForRing: Wait for Ring Application
WaitForSilence: Waits for a specified amount of silence
WaitMusicOnHold: Wait, playing Music On Hold
While: Start A While Loop
Zapateller: Block telemarketers with SIT

I am Mohan .

From the list of applications it seems that you do NOT have a zaptel channel installed .
please take a look at the lines from the file apps/Makefile

ifneq ($(wildcard $(CROSS_COMPILE_TARGET)/usr/include/linux/zaptel.h)$(wildcard

This says that if u do not have a zaptel hardware installed it will not compile “app_MeetMe” as is .


Mohan W
Pune (India)

" Do Right Things For Right Reason "

Hi Mohan,

We do not have zaptel card and yes i think the zaptel drivers are not loaded. Where do I get the aps/Makefile file as I can’t locate it anywhere. Basically, I have another box here loaded with asterisk@home. This works fine with the conference using MeetMe. I wanted to have the same thing working in my other box with Asterisk installed without addons. Or if its not too late, i would like to install the addons still and the sounds.