Meetme application in Asterisk 1.8


I am currently using Asterisk 1.8 on ubuntu. I was trying to establish a conference using Meeme but it does not working . Is meetme supported in asterisk 1.8 …?

The easiest way of answering that is to run menuconfig from the source directories (you didn’t mention a package).

Without looking, it must be supported, ConfBridge is not present officially until 10, although I think it has been backported.

What you should be doing, is looking at any error message produced when you attempted to run MeetMe.

thanks david
message at CLI is " No application meetme…"

I have installed asterisk using apt-get in ubuntu so there was nothing like menuselect option , is there any way to install meetme application or i should go with source based installation now removing current setup ?

I’d suggest contacting the packager (or building from source).


Hello rakeshtechie.

If you are using ubuntu 11.10 and asterisk 1.8 the solution is: