Media issue in Asterisk Version Asterisk 17.8.1

We have configured our own Webrtc softphone and for specific Asterisk version 17.8.1 the media is blank on one side, we degraded the version to 16.8 and in this case, the media is ok, we have checked the logs in Opensip as well issue was not found, and in the RTP traces also media packets are flowing correctly.

Please suggest what the issue can be and any resolution suggested.

Some comments:

  1. You’re asking about a version of Asterisk that hasn’t been supported in years - you can do so, but that doesn’t mean anyone will take the time to consider a version that may or may not have issues.
  2. You haven’t provided any logging, merely the result of your own analysis which could be flawed.
  3. You haven’t given any further information on network layout, which can play a factor.
  4. You haven’t provided configuration, or stated which SIP channel driver you are using.

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