Measure cellular signal strength of inbound calls

I have a system where we record a caller’s voice when s/he contacts our asterisk system.
This is being done successfully as long as the caller calls from a cellular device with good signal strength.
However, often we notice the use-case where the caller moves from a good signal area to a bad signal area when the call’s in progress, as a consequence of which the caller is unable to hear some of our IVR messages and also we’re unable to record what is uttered.
I wanted to know if there’s some system which asterisk supports through which I can monitor the quality of the call in progress so that such use-cases can be meaningfully handled.

I don’t beleive that cellular networks make this information available to external parties.

Analysing the received audio to do this is likely to be difficult for a machine, and it may need to know the particular error recovery strategy used by the source network. Asterisk doesn’t have any standard tools that could attempt this. The audiohooks mechanism would allow third party tools, but I’ve never heard of one, and suspect it might be PhD project material.