Software to analize issues in calls

Hello, I am testing software for analyze the quality of the calls calles voipmonitor from the website, would like to know if anyone can recommend other solutions that can do that free, for example an open source solution.

Basically, I have an Asterisk server 13 installed in an Amazon EC2 t3.micro (2 cores and 1ghz ram), and sometimes I am getting complains for the user as:

1- Voice is cutting during the calls;
2- IVR is cutting for who calls for the DID numbers;
3- Drop calls;

These issues don’t occur all the time, happens in almost 10% of the calls and I would like to detect and solve it.

I detected a big issue in some customers that are using wi-fi in your environment… for that I recommend to remove the wi-fi and use wire, I noted a high improve of it, but now suspect of these things:

1- The specification of my EC2 server, may is not enough for the actual environment;
2- Customer network it’s happening peak and causing that;
3- My providers it’s not delivering a good quality of routes;

For all I need to found and prove the issue because it I need the software or another solution to solve that.

Actually my server working within 2 to 5 concurrent calls simultaneously, always under 10 calls.


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