QoS monitoring in Asterisk


Being a voice quality assessment software vendor for Asterisk we are very interested to learn more about the needs of the comunity. Please reply if you have time and find these questions essential.

  1. Do you lack a system that would help you to test conference bridge quality when accessing from different locations
  • this is relevant mainly for web and audio conference providers, when one calls to the same conference bridge from a US, UK, China numbers and check the quality in the loop
  1. monitor quality depending on network load
  • this basically means that you have an ability to automatically receve information that voice quality in your VoIP network goes down because the network is getting overloaded
  1. monitoring quality at different terminations by end-to-end testing with terminations’ echo servers
  • this is an opportunity to continously monitor call quality at different destinations whether these are terminations or PBXs of your own network
  1. test quality in converged networks (f.e. Mobile-VoIP)
  • when your VoIP network makes/receives calls from PSTN or Mobile network is it important for you to detect at what point the quality went bad, whether in your VoIP network or it’s due to bad quality coming from the counter party
  1. live monitoring of calls quality and getting notifications when the quality of a certain call is bad

Thank you very much for your time and effort!
Sevana Oy