May we run asterisk on an old cellphone just like on Raspberry pi?

I have had fun with a PBX on my raspberry for years, and just got the idea that even more “crazy” telephone collectors could be interested, if they just could download an app to their old phone cellphone when they got a new one. The needs for such PABX is not as high as all that I find in my FreePBX, and probably no need for many thing at the same time.
I am just curious, I will keep my raspberry running until it breaks down :grinning:

Android apps are, in general, Java or HTML5 based, but Asterisk is written in C and needs to run directly on Linux. Even though Linux underlies Android, it isn’t directly used by apps.

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Last I checked, Android offers a libc-equivalent, called “Bionic”. Access to this is part of the NDK or “Native Developer Kit”, which lets you write code in C or C++ to something resembling POSIX/Linux APIs.

The main issue you’ll likely find is the privileges available are quite restricted (e.g. parts of the filesystem will be off-limits). You can’t even get root access on your own device, unless you run some alternative open-source-based Android build.

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