Maximum users/calls per 1 Asterisk server


Did some search on this scalability topic.

From what i gathered, it seems that 1 asterisk server can handle 240 concurrent calls.

Anybody can share your experience? I am not too sure though if the above is for a typical Pentium IV 2G 512RAM configuration.


on this server it will be
for SUPER quality server:
~45 g729 to ulaw codec conversion max
~120 calls max
upto 1000 clients
must workingL:
~50 g729 to ulaw codec conversion max
~200 calls
upto 5000 clients
and see this: … mensioning

I am sorry I dont understand you said. what’s the meaning ~45 or ~50.
My server is configured P4 2.4G ,1G DDR .Such server can support how many concurrents? thanks

“~” would generally be used to denote “approx.”