50 concurrent calls

can anyone tell me what should be my server configuration to handle 50 concurrent calls with asterisk?


Generally, though, the processing needs could vary greatly, depending on things like the choice of codecs, whether the media can be re-invited out of the switch, music on hold, etc. You will find it hard to get anyone to tell you anything except what works for them.

50 channels is not a lot. I would say pretty much any newer machine with a decent multi-core processor should be able to handle 50 concurrent calls. The only caveat would be using G.729 in a way that asterisk was required to transcode 50 input and 50 output streams.


This is the output from a 2.6GHz dualcore sever with 2G ram and as you see 209 sipchannels in conferences.

OK 01-11-2009 11:31:14 2d 14h 50m 43s 1/4 OK Channels: SIP (209) OK 01-11-2009 11:18:18 25d 16h 41m 0s 1/3 OK - load average: 0.08, 0.21, 0.23


please note, that I am almost positive Ian is referring to app_conference and NOT MeetMe. I would never try to have 100 MeetMe conferences on one server… recipe for disaster!

:wink: you said it not me :smile: