Concurrent Calls

Can any one tell me , how many concurrent calls can be run on my server , my server spec are :

Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.4 , 4GB Ram, 1000 MPBS Public Internet Port

Asterisk 1.4 is running on Redhat Linux Enterprise 5.

Thanks in Advance

there needs to be more info:
are you doing conferencing, what codecs are you using. Are you using SIP, Analog(via cards, or ATA’s) or IAX2, are you doing any transcoding, IVR…There are alot of factors in it, There are some sites that might be able to get you kinda close but every system is different and you cannot take what one person says and apply that to your system. There is probably some scripts out there that can give you a rough idea of how many calls your system “could” handle … mensioning
might be a good site to start with


How many do you want to handle?