Maximum Concurrent Call in Asterisk

Hi Any one please help me to find out how many concurrent call can handle by asterisk.

My Server Spec is: 2 Xeon 3.0 GHZ processor with 16 GB RAM.

also which asterisk version is suitable to handle more concurrent calls.


Insufficient information, however you will probably run out of CPU power or network capacity (including ISDN channels as well as IP bandwidth) before you run out of RAM. Other likely limiting resources are the number of file descriptors per process (which can, I think, be increased, and the the number of thread IDs, which I think is limited to 65535.

Generally the best you can expect is for someone to tell you what they managed to handle on their system under the particular constraints of that system.

There are only two versions of Asterisk that anyone should be recommending for new users, and I doubt that they differ much in ultimate capacity. It is unlikely that anyone will have done the comparison tests.

Hi David, Thanks for the reply.
there is no ISDN Trunk on the server, only SIP Trunk is there. The user will directly register to the server and made outgoing calls through SIP provider.
Mysql and php is there to create extension and fetch live calls.
My question is, how many concurrent calls can run on this server. Current asterisk version is 1.8