I would like to know the exact time the the asterisk engine flushes or post records to the Master.csv or to the cdr csv. I making a script that would get the call details every hour. I put the scripts on the cron. Please help me on this one. Thanks

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watch the CLI sometime - you can see the records being written as soon as the call ends.

Yah I can see that calls are being flush to the cdr. Thanks for that. But the time of flushing is not that static,I mean it flushes on every different time. Can I force asterisk to flush the psoting of call to the cdr or Master.csv? If this is possible, how am I going to do that.What conf file/s am I going to edit? Please help me again.Thanks

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Sure you can,

Edit the cdr.conf, enable batch = yes then you can control the number of entry to accumulate in the buffer or setup a timer.