Massive Call Generator

my question is about a call generator platform we have. Currently we are making calls using a script that connect lo the Monitor port (on localhost), and generates an “Origin” command, generating a call. We want to get the maximum call concurrency of our platform and we are not sure if that is the more efficient mechanism to do so. will creating files on outgoing dir be better?
please share your experiences.
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No creating files in the outgoing directory is not an efficient way as somtimes asterisk missed them. originate is better then outfiles.

anyone have experience on sizes for this kind of application?

What do you mean by size? That is an amorphous question like how long is a piece of string. You provide no details on type of call, length of call, etc. Since “Originate” executes very quickly, your limits are going to be other capacity limitations of the system like how much trunk capacity you have, how many concurrent calls your server can handle [which is going to vary by the type of call these are… e.g. calls playing a recorded message vs a text to speech application conducting a survey].

sorry about the lack of details…here the requested info:
Sip channels, playing pre-recorder messages (GSM, 8 khz, mono), acting like a publicity message generator.
Like to use as many channels that the server could manage, so i need to use the better way to originate calls… i have 500 channels available with the telephony provider, so i like to use as many as i can.
The problem is that Originate, is not blocking so when the call is established, my program release, and leave me no option than to establish a burst policy, becoming very difficult to consume, for example 100 channels constantly…
Also some times, “show channels” hangs and get no answer…currently running Asterisk 1.4.22. (may be a bug or the server is going our of capacity)
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i think the starting problem is using asterisk 1.4.22. I have been doing these types of applications for several years now [mostly involving more interactive sessions and frequently using TTS]. With each new asterisk major version, we have seen marked throughput improvements and now that we are using asterisk 1.8 we are finding that for a fix recording only model, we can get to the 500 channels on a reasonably sustainable basis. I do recall that when we were using 1.4, call files actually worked better than Originate for some of the reasons I think you are seeing. As soon as we moved past 1.4, it was not even close.


mudslide567, when you said

what are you refering at. I’m looking for HW specifications on a similiar solution, (Media Server with an wav announcement). I was thinking on this HW for 120 simultaneus calls: 6Gb( RAM), 2 CPU 2GHz.

What do you think about, what specifications did you use for that 500 channels (250 calls)?

Thanks for your time.