Manufactureres of SIP Phones?

I’m new to Asterisk, and if I understand correctly, I can use something called a SIP phone to connect via Cat5/LAN to the Asterisk server.

Can anybody list a few manufacturers that make these types of phones?



Just put voip phone in google, and it will list many thousands of hits, many will be web stores, go to one of those and they will have every make and type of handset avalible to man listed.


Thanks Ian…

Seems that

Is there a difference between an IP phone and a SIP phone?

Also, is there a specific ‘protocol’ I should be looking for with these phones that seems to work best with Asterisk, or are they all pretty much the same?

Thanks again


IP is a generic term for a voip phone, SIP phone is a phone that uses the SIP protocol.

For asterisk Use SIP. There are exceptions when IAX may be a better alternative.


Okay, I think I got it…

SIP is the protocol, and all SIP phones are IP phones, but not all IP phones are SIP.

What your generally looking for is a SIP HARDPHONE. Sip softphones are software programs that run on your computer allowing for pbx and telephony integration via a headset and using your computers sound drivers.

I like AASTRA hardphones.