Extesion for ip Deskphnone

Hello guys,
A few days ago i configured two SIP extensions on a Asterisk server,on a mobile smart phone i installed a SIP client such as CSipSimple,registered on Asterisk server , on Asterisk console the client SIP has been registered on with the Server,between these two mobile phone i can make and receive call,the comunication was perfect on local :smiley: :smiley: .
Now i want to configure extension for ip phone such as Deskphone,for exemple 2 extensions,my question is :
For IP Phone such as Deskphone is it the same procedure to make an ip phone registered to the Asterisk Server,for exemple if i set a SIP extension,does it going to work ?


You are using terminology which suggests you are using FreePBX, but using a SIP desk phone with Asterisk is probably still more common than using mobile devices.

Alright thank you,for now i only focus on internall call between a few extensions,it’s my first try on ASTERISK FREE PBX that i want to increase my knowledge :stuck_out_tongue: … And then it is also the same procedure to make a SIP Deskphone works with Asterisk
Do you think that a 9600 series Avaya phone going to match with Astrerisk Server :wink: ?


It is generally inadvisable to use phones designed for proprietary PABXes on anything but that PABX. Although they may be technically SIP compliant, they may depend on the PABX for configuration. I can’t say whether or not the Avaya 96xx phones suffer from such problems, although it does look as though some are intended to mainly be used with H.323, rather than SIP.

Ok for now i work with only some computers with sip client installed,i think soon i will purchase ip phone designed for Asterisk PBX.


For basic use, the best option is a hardware SIP phone designed for general use (Polycom, Yealink, et.c).

Alright Thanks,