Manager 'admin' logged on from every 5 minutes

Hi all,

I work with different versions of Asterisk on quite a few servers, and on each one of them every 5 minutes exactly I see on the CLI “Manager ‘admin’ logged on from” and immediately afterwards “Manager ‘admin’ logged off from” (on some of these servers I get “Manager received command ‘Status’” and “Manager received command ‘Logoff’” in between). Does anyone know of a process that does this? It seems that the Flash Operating Panel does something similar on FreePBX, but this is not the case; there are no cron processes that run every 5 minutes either. On Asterisk 1.8 these manager connections often result in a “Broken pipe” error, and in order to solve it I need to find the script that initiates the connection.


It sounds like Munin is running, it polls the systems every five minutes.
In addition to that, a couple of the asterisk_* scripts fail to read the response after issuing the logoff command and result in the broken pipe message. Look in /usr/share/munin/plugins for the scripts.

Thanks for your reply. Munin is not installed in any of the servers, it has to be something else.


Do you have any stats package or call center package installed ?

No, nothing of the sort.

So this is a raw vanilla asterisk install from source, no GUI or stats package. if httpd is running stop it and see if the connections stop


You say there are no cron jobs running, however many people overlook the fact that there is more to cron than just the files in /var/spool/crontab.
Do you have any files in /etc/cron.d?
Which distro are you running?

Ian, some of our servers don’t run httpd at all but they still have these connections every 5 minutes. It’s indeed a raw vanilla asterisk install, performed by different people at different times.

dalenoll, no files in /etc/cron.d. All of our servers run different versions of CentOS.

OK, problem solved. Turns out the originator is a Nagios plugin that checks that asterisk is up; we’ll modify it to correct the “broken pipe” error.

Thanks a lot for your help.