Multiple safe_asterisk instances,frequent Remote Unix conn

Hi everyone,
I’ve got configured and running an Asterisk box with more than 200 peers that are diagnosed through AMI. The computer has a scheduled reboot twice a week.

Asterisk version
CentOS release 5.5 (Final)

If I open a CLI or check the logs I get around 6-8 connect/disconnect messages per second

-- Remote UNIX connection -- Remote UNIX connection disconnected
this makes the logs hard to read and the CLI very difficult to use, but all I found online was about setting the verbosity to 0 (a solution that makes the logs useless) and hideconnect=yes in asterisk.conf (that doesn’t work on my asterisk version).
At the beginning I thought this issue was related to the frequent AMI queries, but today i found out something weird, issuing the command ps -A |grep asterisk I got this result

I guess the frequent connect/disconnect messages are caused by the multiple safe_asterisk instances, but I haven’t found yet what caused this and how to solve it.
Has anybody entountered the same problem and found a solution?

Thanks for the support

Try to kill them all! :smiley:

Thanks ric.rug :smile: …I was thinking to do that but they are there few hours after reboot. :confused:
I was looking for the cause of that and a cleaner solution (if possible) :cry: