Manage admin logged of

hi all,
I’m not sure whether this is a right place or not to issue my problem regarding asterisk
Currently I’m running asterisk version 11.8.1 and using external program to control and monitor asterisk
using AMI running on localhost and port 5038. My problem is the admin manager is logging off during while a issuing an ami command to bridge two conference bridge. Can anyone advice me how to prevent the logged of of the asterisk.

thank you
-nordin mohamed

This is the wrong forum, you should use Asterisk Support.

You have provided insufficient information to understand what is happening. Please provide the AMI script or the requests sent, and the full log (enable it in logger.conf) at verbosity 5 and you may need debug level 5

If the logs indicate a timeout, see if increasing writetimeout helps, although, in a simple application, that might simply indicate that your AMI client has stalled.