Manage Inbound IVR

Hello i have a question:
with my old PBX I’ve done an IVR where i get the latest internal number that called a customer,
so if the customer didn’t answer to the phone and call back to my company, the IPBX forward the
call to the latest internal that have done the latest call to the customer, how can I get the same result with asterisk?

You could save what numbers your users dial into a database and then do a database lookup on the incoming call to match it to which user previously called that number.

Hello John,
Yes I understand the concept, but how can I do it in Asterisk? With my sql/ivr?

I would recommend defining a ODBC connection and using func_odbc to query and modify your database.

Hello John,
but do you have an example? Because I think that I will need to create an IVR and pass some variables…but I don’t know how can realize it

Here’s a page from the asterisk book on using ODBC

Thanks John :grinning:

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