Making a call to asterisk, then transfer the call to my phon

Hi. Im have the following problem;
I have a ip number (from a provider) which I can use to ring my asterisk pbx. Now I want dial my cellphone via Asterisk, i.e.


However, I have not been able to do this? I have read the pages at

but haven’t really found a solution to my problems here…
Anybody have a clue how to do this?


the Dial() application needs to know more than that …


you need to specify how Asterisk is going to dial your cell.

I know that the ip number is an IAX number,
do that means that it should look something like this:

(which doesn’t work)
That only leaves the trunk option (which I don’t understand)
Could you supply a simple example, how it should look?


thanks for your patience, now I figured out how to do it!