Making a call from iPhone to SIP User

Hello. I need to make an app, which can make a call between two iPhones (two SIP users) via Asterisk Server

I have a multitple questions, i have not found answers in docs;

  1. It is possible to implement using ARI?
    a) channel = SIP User?
    b) to create a channel i need an application (ARI), but i can’t create that! What is it an application?
    c) how exactly to transfer audio between two iPhones, if ARI its a request/respone?

  2. Or i need to use AMI. How exactly using AMI? I shall use Socket?

Sorry for my bad english

You’ll need to further define what you mean by an app. Both ARI and AMI have functionality which allows you to place calls and direct them somewhere. ARI also provides functionality to connect them together so media flows.