Make transfers come back on no answer


When transfering a call, if the end user doesn’t answer how do I make it ring back to the transfering extension?

I found this post on another forum : … 11971.html

But it seems to me there should be an easier way to do this than duplicating all my extensions.

Is there a way to distinguish if the called extension is being transfered or not? If there was a variable like ${TRANSFERING} that is set in the channel, I could use that for the callback without duplicating all my extensions with a prefix.

When transfering with SIP I see :





on … iew=markup
246 Call Features (res_features) Changes
247 ------------------------------------
248 * Added the parkedcalltransfers option to features.conf
249 * The built-in method for doing attended transfers has been updated to
250 include some new options that allow you to have the transferee sent
251 back to the person that did the transfer if the transfer is not successful.

so either wait for 1.6, or check out the lastest svn, or back-port this feature.