Make Asterisk Sound Like OLD T1 line on an NEC pbx or 1AESS analog switch

I am wanting to sound nostalgic a little bit like on a T1 with 24 channels. I am wanting to play a sound file when an extension goes off hook and answers a sip trunk, and then play an audio file when the extension goes on hook and releases from the call. The audio file is of a T1 or Analog switch “Click” as to indicate the call progress that the call has been answered. I have been able to do this so far as early media, i have a click as when the CO sent the call to the PBX and then a double ring before the call is answered, but i want that extra click sound once the call is answered by a person as it would sound from the 90’s and further back in time. Ideally i would like the disconnect to sound like an NEC switch where you hear the click and then fast busy for 30 seconds before the call is ended (like on the congested setting in the IVR under hangup)

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