Extensions.conf dialing out through PRI

HI guys,

I’ve got a T1 card configured correctly, how do i do under extensions.conf so it will dial out though the card, and also how do i do so it dials one number first, then after 30 secs it dials another number, and if neither picks up it dials another two numbers simultaneously, thanks a million!!

depends…if your telco is sending calls to your T1 in ascending order (ie, dial from trunk 1 upwards), you would want to initiate calls in a descending order…

in zapata.conf, you should have your channel defs, something like this:


to dial out, you would want to use Zap/G1, which indicates Group 1, DEscending order (ie, dial from trunk 24 downwards)

so, in extensions.conf, dialing 9 to reach an outside line, you need the following:

exten => _9NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial(Zap/G1/${EXTEN:1})

that’s it…

ok, what if i just want to dial out, just “zap/g1/3334441234” ? what about dialing two numbers at once?

im also curious on what this does ${EXTEN:1})

thanks for the help.

all of this can be answered on the wiki, FWIW…

if you just want to dial out, with no leading 9, then it’s this:

exten => _NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial(Zap/G1/${EXTEN})

the ${EXTEN:1} means take the variable EXTEN, which is the extension that was dialed and strip the first leading character.

${EXTEN:2} strips the first two leading characters, ${EXTEN:-1} strips all but the last character.

read these two pages, you will then understand what the above all means:

voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … n+Patterns

try Dial(Zap/G1/123456789&ZAP/G1/987654321)

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also, in case you were wondering about if you have multiple people dialing at the same time, that is what Zap groups are for.

in the Dial command, when you indicate the channel as G1 or g1, you’re saying to the Dial command “Dial on GROUP 1” - this will hunt for the first available trunk in whatever direction you have chosen (G1 means descending order, g1 means ascending order, R1 means descending round-robin, r1 means ascending round-robin). So, if two people dial out at the exact same time, whichever call hits the server first gets routed out first, and the second call will be routed over a different trunk in the same group - it just depends on which group definition you use.

now, if you want to dial two numbers from one phone (ie dial your home and cell at the same time), then baconbuttie’s method is exactly what you need to do.

read up on the wiki, all of this is covered there in detail. have fun.

i meant my brain … every post i have made i’ve had to go edit it at least twice. perhaps i should get back to some work instead :smiley:

i meant my brain … every post i have made i’ve had to go edit it at least twice. perhaps i should get back to some work instead :smiley:[/quote]

lol, i know the feeling…i’m not doing much better myself - last night was the first night without pain pills in a while - made for some interesting dreams…

Great information you guys!! Thank you so much for clearing this up!!

i also have a question about queues.conf but ill make another thread.

Again thanks for the info.