Low volume on voicemail messages via email

Well, I’d hoped this would have been fixed in the move up to the latest and greatest 1.2.4. When listening to messages, the volume is so low as to be almost inaudible. I recall my my google searches a couple of months ago that this is basically a Day-1 issue. I was surprised that problem of that magnitude with a basic feature like that has not been addressed.

See my post in voipuser.org regarding voicemail volumes too low.
basically, you increase your rx gain in zapata.conf until either your volume is adequate or your echo is too bad.
I noticed an asterisk patch in their bug tracker; hopefully this will be incorporated in the next version when new features are accepted.


i’m having trouble finding that post. do you have a URL? also, i’m a little confused by what you said. i have no problem with the volume of voicemail messages when i listen to them over the handset - it’s only the wav file that’s emailed to me that is unusably quiet…