Losing First Digit when dialing out

I’m losing the first digit when dialing out, about 30% of the time. How do you troubleshoot this?

It might help if you post your outbound context.

Run asterisk in console mode (asterisk -r) and depending on which version you are running enter “set verbose 10” (“core set verbose 10” in 1.4) into the console, and watch the messages when you dial out.

It should report every number that you dial. Then you will need to reproduce your problem. If you see that your asterisk system isn’t getting the entire number dialed, then the problem has to be somewhere between you phone and asterisk.

Those verbose messages will help a lot in determining the cause of the problem.

Mark MacVicar

what kind of interface? if a zaptel, i used to have a problem where asterisk would start dialing before the telco was ready. i fixed it by adding the delay character twice (2x.5 seconds each) to the front of the dial string. sorry i can’t remember what the delay char is, but googling should show you. if it isn’t zaptel, i can’t help…