First dialed digit is lost

Hi, everyone.
I’m having a problem with about 20% of calls. The problem is that the first digit of dialed telephone number is not being transferred to asterisk. In the cdrs I see a lot of 8-digit numbers dialed that should (and were dialed as) 9-digit numbers.
I’m not sure if this is a right place to ask. The problem could be in the sip cable modems we are using (Scientific Atlanta epx). Anyway, if anyone has been faced with something like this, please post here.
Thanks in advance.

mayby my ‘story’ could give you some clues

i’m using linksys pap2 with normal analog phone.
when i dial any number, pap2 check it. it has his own dialplan patterns and i have to wait a little to get this number in asterisk
i think i could set pap2 dialplan to eat leading number, or only 9 if it is first number.
i didn’t test it, but i think that could be posible

Thanks for your reply. My case is complicated in a sense that errors in dialing happen only sometimes. It is not a permanent error. If I dial the same number 10 times, about 2 dials will result in “first digit gone” situation.
This is the dialplan check, that I have in the cable modem: xx+T|*xx+T|x+T. Do you think this weird behavior could be casued by it?

i think that asterisk did not lose that first digit. * didn’t get it from Your calble modem, or mayby modem didn’t get it from handset.
only one cable modem is involved ? if yes, did You try with difrent handset ?
it’s a one of that weird thing, where finding what is wrong is difficult.

It is happening with all cable modems we are using (we have just one supplier - Scientific Atlanta). With ATAs (sipura 2000) this problem never occurs.

i suspect cable modems. check manual and troubelshootng section for this devices.