Outbound numbers not dialing correctly

Phone: Cisco 7960G
libpri 1.2.2
zaptel 1.2.5
OS: Fedora Core 4
TDM2400P w/8FXO

When dialing an outbound number, sometimes all the digits are not dialed properly on the outside line. In the dial plan I added a SayDigits to the outbound rule and it properly reads back the entire number that was entered on the phone before dialing.

Is asterisk dialing too quickly, is there anyway to insert a pause or wait for a dial tone on the external line?



We used a line test set to see the digits that were being dialed. Looking at the output from the Asterisk box the first digit was being dropped every 2 to 3 calls.

To Fix:

We added a ‘w’ (no quotes) to every dial command and this resolved the problem.


Is there a better fix then just pausing before dialing the number? They are regular POTS lines. Is there anything that can be added to zapata.conf to resolve the problem?